YMD LinkedIn Showcase Page

YMD LinkedIn Showcase Page

We wrote not long ago about the new LinkedIn Showcase pages. These pages allow brands to better target and engage with their followers by providing individual pages for the products and services a brand offers. Last week, LinkedIn announced that as of April 14, they will be getting rid of the ‘Products and Services’ section of all LinkedIn company pages and replacing this feature solely with the Showcase Pages.

This presents a few opportunities and challenges for financial services. Financial services providers can now segment their content so their followers who are only interested in SMSFs will only receive SMSF content when they follow the SMSF Showcase Page. This will help clients get the exact information they are looking for, when they are looking for it.

The one challenge that may present itself is the content. It is now more important that ever to have different types of content being shared on a regular basis. We still recommend sharing 3 pieces of content each week, but now that will need to be split across the Showcase Pages as well. For example if you have three Showcase Pages and your main company page, that is 9 articles, blog posts, videos, etc that will need to be shared.

The YMD team have already begun developing the Showcase Pages for our clients and we will keep you updated with the progress.